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Delivering To The Future

Posted: 24/04/2018

A lot has been happening at Hanson Caravans lately, we've been expanding all over and developing the business internally to ensure we're ready to continue providing an excellent service going forwards.

Employee News

We can now provide CPC training on-site. CPC training is a set of standards decided upon by the EU to ensure all professional drivers are both competent and proficient. It is required to be refreshed every 5 years so, we can now do this on site with our own fully qualified trainers. Just something extra to keep us going the extra mile.

We’d like to say congratulations to Dave Hadfield, our latest employee to become a fully qualified HGV driver – progressing from a second man.  Dave completed his qualification with Tockwith Training, who have over 45 years of experience and operate in York. Happy driving Dave!

We have more congratulations to give as three of our apprentices have successfully completed their qualifications in Business Administration at a level three. Sophie, Holly one and Holly two (we’ll let them argue which Holly is which) have been working and training alongside Hanson and have all done exceedingly well throughout their apprenticeships, well done to them all.

Expansion & The Future

We’re expanding our fleet, this time with a new left-hand drive truck, making two in total, perfect for delivering to across the whole of Europe. We also have four new trailers. Finally, due to the increasing demand for STGO deliveries, that is extra wide loads which require door to door escorting, we have taken on four new escort vehicles too – it’s tough to be one of the UK’s biggest and leading transportation businesses!

Not only have we expanded our fleet, but we have expanded the team too with a new HGV driver, Steve Pulford, and a new second man for him, Thomas Symonds. They recently started with us and we’re excited to have them as part of the Hanson family. Welcome, Steve and Thomas to the team.

To keep our business going forward, we have trained all of our drivers how to go backward – makes sense right? All of the team have now had successful Banksman training. Banksman training reduces the risk of costly accidents when carrying out common, but dangerous, reversing maneuvers.

It’s going to be a busy month in May as we already have five planned deliveries to Spain throughout. Better get the suntan lotion out, it’s looking to be hot!