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How to Get More Holiday Home Bookings

Posted: 17/11/2020

There’s a lot of competition out there when it comes to holiday home parks, which means that it can be difficult to maintain high levels of visitors. To help you increase your bookings both now and in the future, we’ve put together some top tips that are easy to integrate into your marketing activity.


Define your audience

It’s very easy to think that your holiday home park is the ideal choice for everyone, which could very well be the case. However, over the years you’ve probably noticed a certain demographic that finds your site particularly suitable, as well as people who return on a regular basis.

Defining your audience can be as broad or specific as you like. For instance, it might be that you’re particularly popular with families in general, or if there’s a golfing range nearby you’re sure to have large volumes of golf fans visiting each year. By understanding who your main audience is, you can communicate with them more effectively.

Simultaneously, if there are other types of guests that you’d like to attract, such as couples taking a romantic break, consider adding extra amenities or redesigning facilities to suit their preferences.


Make full use of booking sites

Whether you have your own booking system, use popular websites or a combination of the two, it’s crucial that you update information when changes and upgrades take place at your park.

Online visitors have a lot of options to choose from and they often shop around, so your listings need to get the message across quickly and effectively. This can include professional photography, detailed descriptions, lists of features that can be read quickly or searched for, and anything else that you think will grab attention.

Also, whilst the images that you use are what captures the visitor’s eye, it’s the text that helps them to get a feel for the experience. By investing in a professional photographer and working with a capable copywriter, you can give your listings a genuine wow factor.


Think about your prices

This is probably the hardest thing to get right. Low prices not only affect your profit margins, they can also put some people off if they seem too cheap. At the other end of the scale, prices that are too high will slow down your booking system, which can significantly affect cash flow.

The key is to find a pricing structure that suits your brand, audience and the wider market all at the same time. This requires ongoing research, such as checking how much your competitors are charging, fine-tuning the minimum stay period if required, offering attractive discounts for longer stays, and so on.

In the process, remember that value doesn’t have to mean cheap. If your site is of a higher standard it’s only right to charge higher prices, you simply need to demonstrate why this is the case.


Can you offer a loyalty programme?

It’s amazing how much more likely people are to visit on a regular basis when their loyalty is rewarded. This can take any format you wish, from a free night when they’ve stayed a certain number of times, to a discount in the bar or access any VIP services you may have.

When you treat your returning customers well, they’re sure to keep you at the top of their list and continue visiting for many years to come.


Embrace digital tools

Social media is becoming just as popular as search engines when it comes to finding holiday home parks. Meanwhile, reviews on Google, booking websites and your Facebook page will help you to further grow your credibility and engage the interest of potential visitors.

By encouraging your guests to leave a review, you breed trust in your business and open up the conversation to a much wider audience. It’s possible that you could occasionally receive negative feedback, which in some cases will be clearly unjustified, so it’s important to respond to all reviews in a positive, helpful and professional manner. This enables your wider audience to see that you’re serious about customer service, which goes a long way to securing new bookings.


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