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Post-Lockdown Checklist for Caravan Park Owners

Posted: 07/06/2021

It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for, with normality slowly returning and holidaymakers visiting caravan parks across the UK. Hopefully by now you’ve already welcomed some visitors to your facility, although it’s never too late to check that everything is in order from a health, safety and wellbeing perspective.

To complement the obvious safety measures that the government is asking all tourism sites to put in place (face masks, Test and Trace etc), we’ve rounded up a few extra tips to make the transition even smoother.


Ventilation and fresh air

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s important that all internal spaces are well ventilated. Aside from fresh air being recommended in the fight against coronavirus, it also helps to keep caravans and leisure facilities fresh and welcoming. Even the addition of a small desktop fan in an office and cracking open a window can help staff to remain healthy and happy.


Pathways and outdoors spaces

If some areas of your caravan park were left untended for a while last year, you may find that grass and weeds are longer than usual. Trimming everything back to its usual level will allow visitors to easily make their way around the premises whilst maintaining social distancing.

Remember that some people will still want to socially distance even when the limits (hopefully) lift entirely on 21st June. This means that you can cater to their preferences by making all outdoor areas as clear and manoeuvrable as possible.


Hand sanitising

As the months pass, the rules around using hand sanitiser are likely to become a little more relaxed. However, making it available across your caravan park is crucial in maintaining high levels of health and safety.

Make sure that all of your staff apply hand sanitiser regularly and request that visitors do so at key locations throughout your caravan park, especially when entering buildings.


Layouts inside shared spaces

Now is a great opportunity to assess whether every piece of furniture within your communal spaces is actually required. Perhaps there are small tables and other items of furniture that aren’t completely necessary, in which case putting them into storage will help to free up more space.

The easier it is for guests to move around without feeling cramped, the more enjoyable their stay will be. In the process, it will show that you take their wellbeing very seriously even when social distancing measures come to an end.


Leisure facilities

If you run leisure facilities, sports areas or fitness classes, it’s recommended that you encourage visitors to change and/or shower in their static caravans if possible. Your teams should also ensure that sufficient time is allocated for sanitising facilities and equipment between each session or user.


Water fountains

Take particular care to clean water fountains and ensure they are only used for filling water bottles or containers. Face to tap drinking should be prohibited until the government makes it clear that restrictions have been lifted, so put clear signage in place to remove any uncertainty.


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