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We’re Moving to New Premises in Beverley

Posted: 24/03/2021

The team here at Hanson European Caravan Transport Ltd has been even busier than ever over the last few months. We have been based in Gilberdyke since April 2016, but by 29th March 2021 we’ll have finished relocating to Barmston Road in Beverley, which is a very exciting milestone for our business.


Investing in the future

Rather than renting a site, we decided to purchase a plot of land that’s perfectly suited to a bustling transport company. This is a wise investment for the company and also reflects our commitment to the future, as the new premises will not only be larger but also designed around the precise needs of caravan transportation.


A hands-on process

When we found the site in early December last year we knew that it was the right choice. However, the land needed clearing and making fit for purpose, as it has to accommodate our fleet of over fifty professional vehicles that include multiple articulated lorries, tailers and escort vehicles. This mighty task involved clearing, levelling and hardcoring the land so that it can safely accommodate extremely heavy traffic and footfall. Thank you to Harland Builder Ltd for their hard work and effort in achieving a great yard within a very limited time schedule, and thanks to Thompson Fencing Ltd, for erecting a fence so quickly, that wasn’t even planned!!




Upgraded facilities

We also have a six-bay office building and a two-bay office, as well as adequate space for workshops and tool equipment. With over 65 employees all working to very busy schedules, our new two-acre site is perfect for a company that’s dedicated to providing the highest calibre of static caravan transportation services.


Reliable suppliers

The moving process has been supported enormously by Catalyst Logistics, which provides servers and programmes for transport planning. They have been absolutely brilliant in making sure that our server remained accessible, which ensured that all staff, even those working from home, could maintain workflow, invoicing, administrative tasks and remain connected to clients and the wider industry without any disruption to productivity.

We’d like to thank Image 2000 Ltd for the prompt and professional service in organising the support for planning of our electrical needs, from designing the electric storage building to decommissioning and recommissioning all the electrical services to all our buildings and installing the CCTV security cameras and lighting, and then KCOM for quickly supplying the telephone and internet infrastructure that’s crucial to our day-to-day operations. We could not have moved without Siting Services Ltd, a big thank you for moving our offices!


Room for growth

The last year has been very difficult for all kinds of businesses, especially those in the leisure sector. Though holiday parks across the UK and Europe have been closed for the majority of that time, Hanson also had a period of Restructure, Redundancy and Redevelopment , managing to protect most jobs, ensuring that our people were safe through social distancing, we decided to expand our fleet of escort vehicles.

There’s been a lot of positive change, as we reanalysed our ways of working, optimised every element of our operations, increased our workforce, and made sure that wellbeing and efficiency remained at the core of everything we do.




What’s next for Hanson?

People who use static caravan parks are always on the lookout for bigger and better accommodation, which means that we have to remain proactive, responsive, innovative and ready for anything. Modern static caravans are a genuine home away from home, with manufacturers constantly increasing the size and improving the interiors to suit the preferences and expectations of holidaymakers.

In order to keep on top of these changes, we stay one step ahead by anticipating new demands and investing in ongoing training for our staff. We never sit still and once we’ve fully moved over to our Beverley site we’ll fine-tune our processes even more. Continuous development is what got us where we are today, so you can rest assured that we’ll never stop being a forward-thinking company that goes above and beyond to get the job done to an exceptional standard.


Our new address

From 29th March 2021, you can find Hanson European Caravan Transport Ltd at this address:

Barmston Road

Swinemoor Lane


HU17 0LA


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