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You Can Sell Us Your Old Holiday Homes

Posted: 07/10/2020

The last few months have been tough for everyone, but the one area of the economy that’s been affected more than most is the hospitality industry.

Earlier in the year, static caravan parks had to temporarily close down alongside hotels, B&Bs, campsites and other businesses that until then had been preparing for the peak season. Whilst things are getting back to normal at least to an extent, some owners of static caravan sites are considering ways to reduce their costs and recover capital that was lost as a result of COVID-19.

If you’re in a situation where you’re looking to sell some of your old static caravans, Hanson is here to help. For many site owners it will most likely be a case of simply getting rid of one or two older models, releasing enough cash flow to keep the business profitable.

In other instances it could be that you’ve been meaning to remove multiple static caravans for quite a while, with the autumn months being the perfect opportunity to free up areas of land and maintain the impeccable standards that make your site so popular with holidaymakers.

Whatever the case, we may be able to take them off your hands and offer a very reasonable price.


The exchange process

We make selling your old static caravan a very smooth and stress-free experience, which always follows these stages:

  1. Initial inspection: You send us the key information, including the caravan’s dimensions, age, number of bedrooms, fittings, accessibility features and so on.
  2. Initial quote: Using the information above, we provide you with an initial quote based on an expert valuation. This quote will always be highly competitive, which is provided for free and with no obligation to go any further if you choose not to.
  3. Site visit: If you like the quote, we then need to visit your premises and have a look around the static caravan. This is because we’re committed to offering the highest standard of holiday home to our customers, so a thorough inspection will confirm that the quote is accurate and that the sale can go ahead.
  4. Confirmation: If both parties are happy, we’ll confirm our valuation and send you a final quote for your consideration. We’re sure that you’ll be happy with it, but we’d like to assure you that we would never push you to agree to a sale if you weren’t completely satisfied with the offer.
  5. Payment and pickup: Happy with the quote? Excellent! We’ll now make the payment and decide on a pickup date that suits your schedule. That’s right, you receive the money before we even collect the holiday home, helping you to improve your cash flow right away. Before we arrive, the static caravan needs to be de-sited and moved to a suitable location, as we don’t collect from the pitch itself.
  6. Transportation and removal: Arriving on the agreed date, our friendly transportation specialists will remove your holiday home quickly, safely and at no cost to you. It really couldn’t be simpler!


Sell us your static caravan

A fair price, a professional service, no transportation costs and one less holiday home that’s no longer required. If that sounds good to you, call our team on 01759 306036 or use our contact form and we’ll send you a strong quote right away.